Ensuring you Get Good Speed for Your Telus Internet Connection at Home

The Internet makes the world go round and having it in your home makes everything easy. A lot of people get home internet, so they don’t have to struggle when they need to go online. If you are considering getting internet for your Edmonton home, it is important you understand how to go about it.

There are various local options you can find when you want internet for your home. TELUS Internet is one. If you are doing this for the first time, it helps to have some information in hand. Talk to a Edmonton Telus internet representative if you wish to get answers to your concerns.


Ideal Web Speed for Games: Do You Need An Upgrade Via a Telus Dealer?

As evidenced by the multitude of gamers strutting their wares on so-called “online battle arenas”, online gaming is experiencing a steady boom. In 2013, Spil Games reported that of the estimated 1.2 billion gamers in the world, 700 million play online titles. Yet, for a truly seamless gameplay experience, one needs to have a fast and stable internet connection.

Online gaming is essentially hitch-free with a high-speed internet connection. Any gaming PC or console requires a steady amount of bandwidth in order to keep up with today’s faster-paced and predominantly hardware-intensive titles. Without the right speed, this scenario can’t be far behind: your character’s about to take the kill shot when your connection suddenly cuts off, and you “re-spawn” only to find out that your character’s been killed twice already—once while you’re taking the shot; and again, right after you came back to life.

Why Telus High-Speed Internet Is Crucial in Your Business Operation

It’s hard to imagine a modern-day business running without the aid of the Internet. Since its introduction in the 80s, the Internet has revolutionized computer technology and communications. Today, it is the lifeblood of businesses for good reasons. It improves commerce, research, customer interaction, data storage, and other processes that are vital to business operations.

Then again, internet speed varies from place to place across Canada, depending on a lot of factors, one of which is the source. Internet service providers like Telus offer the best internet solutions for both homes and businesses in many parts of the country, including Fort Saskatchewan. If you have a business in the area, consider getting Telus Internet to meet demands for constant communication, or maintain high production rates especially if your operation is web-based.