Why Buy Your Sherwood Park Telus Phone from an Authorised Store?

With numerous retail stores online, shopping has never been as simple as it is today. If you want to get a new phone or tablet, you can go online and have it in a matter of seconds. There is no contesting the benefits that come with online shopping. For one, you can do it from wherever you are in Sherwood Park.

However, there are some cautionary measures that you have to keep in mind when shopping online for electronics. Among the plethora of retail stores you find, there is a fraction that is made up of untrustworthy dealers. It is essential that you buy your tablets, phones, or TVs from authorised dealers.


Sherwood Park Telus Store: Telus Optik TV Now Offers Netflix Channel

Canadians everywhere love Netflix, with most of them using this streaming service to watch movies or re-watch their favorite TV series. In fact, according to the latest numbers from the Media Technology Monitor, there are over 39 percent Anglophone Canadians who are Netflix subscribers, making Canada among the countries with the most number of Netflix subscribers.

Sherwood Park Telus Dealers Want Customers to Expect More from Telcos

Over the years, Canadians have been known to have a longstanding and continuous love-hate relationships with their respective telcos, and once they have been accustomed to receiving service that’s far from great, they eventually resign themselves to expect less from them. Not Telus, however, for they are working tirelessly to put Sherwood Park Telus customers at the top of their priorities while encouraging those customers to expect more from them.

Sherwood Park TELUS Dealer: Introducing Fibre Optics in Internet Service

As mentioned earlier, fibre optic cables are able to carry more information thanks to their greater bandwidth capacity than metal cables. For this benefit, fibre optics are less vulnerable to any external interference from nearby electrical equipment or power lines, even with a relatively thin and lightweight structure. In the case of fibre internet (FiOS), fibre optics have the capability to transmit large amounts of digital information over farther distances.

Having the advantages of FiOS would require a longer and more complex installation process because this network needs its own fibre optic cables to operate in your home. This is why you’ll need the assistance of personnel from a from a TELUS store in Sherwood Park. Once properly installed, the FiOS would not be susceptible to any power interruptions or shutdowns because as a passive system, it doesn’t need power to be applied into the network.